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What is it?

Pythran is a python to c++ compiler for a subset of the python language. It takes a python module annotated with a few interface description and turns it into a native python module with the same interface, but (hopefully) faster.

It is meant to efficiently compile scientific programs, and takes advantage of multi-cores and SIMD instruction units.

Pythran development is currently done using Python version 2.7.


Pythran sources are hosted on

Pythran releases are hosted on


  1. Gather dependencies:

    Pythran depends on a few Python modules and several C++ libraries. On a debian-like platform, run:

    $> sudo apt-get install libboost-python-dev libgoogle-perftools-dev libgmp-dev libboost-dev git cmake
    $> sudo apt-get install python-ply python-networkx python-numpy
  2. Use easy_install or pip:

    $> easy_install pythran


  1. Add serge_sans_paille's debian server to your source.list, following the instruction given in

  2. Run the classic:

    $> sudo apt-get update
    $> sudo apt-get install pythran


Using brew (

$> brew reinstall boost --with-python
$> brew install gmp
$> brew install cmake
$> easy_install ply
$> easy_install networkx
$> easy_install numpy
$> easy_install pythran

Depending on your setup, you may need to add the following to your \~/.pythranrc`` file:



Using yaourt:

$> yaourt -S python2-pythran-git

Other Platform

See MANUAL file.

Basic Usage

A simple pythran input could be

#pythran export dprod(int list, int list)
def dprod(l0,l1):
 return sum(x*y for x,y in zip(l0,l1))

To turn it into a native module, run:

$> pythran

That will generate a native that can be imported just like the former module.


The user documentation is available in the MANUAL file from the doc directory.

The developer documentation is available in the DEVGUIDE file from the doc directory. The also is a TUTORIAL file for those who don't like reading documentation.

A todo list is maintained in the eponymous TODO file.

The CLI documentation is available from the pythran help command:

$> pythran --help

Some extra developer documentation is also available using pydoc. Beware, this is the computer science incarnation for the famous Where's Waldo? game:

$> pydoc pythran
$> pydoc pythran.typing


See the pythran/tests/cases/ directory from the sources.


Praise, flame and cookies:


See AUTHORS file.


See LICENSE file.

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a claimless python to c++ converter

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