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Requests: HTTP for Humans

Requests is an Apache2 Licensed HTTP library, written in Python, for human beings.

Most existing Python modules for sending HTTP requests are extremely verbose and cumbersome. Python's builtin urllib2 module provides most of the HTTP capabilities you should need, but the api is thoroughly broken. It requires an enormous amount of work (even method overrides) to perform the simplest of tasks.

Things shouldn't be this way. Not in Python.

>>> r = requests.get('', auth=('user', 'pass'))
>>> r.status_code
>>> r.headers['content-type']
>>> r.text

See the same code, without Requests.

Requests allow you to send HTTP/1.1 requests. You can add headers, form data, multipart files, and parameters with simple Python dictionaries, and access the response data in the same way. It's powered by httplib and urllib3, but it does all the hard work and crazy hacks for you.


  • International Domains and URLs
  • Keep-Alive & Connection Pooling
  • Sessions with Cookie Persistence
  • Browser-style SSL Verification
  • Basic/Digest Authentication
  • Elegant Key/Value Cookies
  • Automatic Decompression
  • Unicode Response Bodies
  • Multipart File Uploads
  • Connection Timeouts
  • Thread-safety
  • HTTP(S) proxy support


To install Requests, simply:

$ pip install requests


Documentation is available at


  1. Check for open issues or open a fresh issue to start a discussion around a feature idea or a bug. There is a Contributor Friendly tag for issues that should be ideal for people who are not very familiar with the codebase yet.
  2. If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about an issue or your changes, feel free to email @sigmavirus24 and he will happily help you via email, Skype, remote pairing or whatever you are comfortable with.
  3. Fork the repository on GitHub to start making your changes to the master branch (or branch off of it).
  4. Write a test which shows that the bug was fixed or that the feature works as expected.
  5. Send a pull request and bug the maintainer until it gets merged and published. :) Make sure to add yourself to AUTHORS.
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Python HTTP Requests for Humans™.

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