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Composer - Dependency Management for PHP

Composer helps you declare, manage and install dependencies of PHP projects, ensuring you have the right stack everywhere.

See for more information and documentation.

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Installation / Usage

  1. Download the composer.phar executable or use the installer.

    $ curl -sS | php
  2. Create a composer.json defining your dependencies. Note that this example is a short version for applications that are not meant to be published as packages themselves. To create libraries/packages please read the documentation.

     "require": {
     "monolog/monolog": ">=1.0.0"
  3. Run Composer: php composer.phar install

  4. Browse for more packages on Packagist.

Global installation of Composer (manual)

Follow instructions in the documentation

Updating Composer

Running php composer.phar self-update or equivalent will update a phar install with the latest version.


Mailing lists for user support and development.

IRC channels are on #composer for users and #composer-dev for development.

Stack Overflow has a growing collection of Composer related questions.


PHP 5.3.2 or above (at least 5.3.4 recommended to avoid potential bugs)


Nils Adermann - - -
Jordi Boggiano - - -

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


Composer is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


  • This project's Solver started out as a PHP port of openSUSE's Libzypp satsolver.
  • This project uses hiddeninput.exe to prompt for passwords on windows, sources and details can be found on the github page of the project.
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Dependency Manager for PHP

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