RustyXML 0.1.0

A SAX-like streaming XML parser, and a DOM-like interface based on that


Platform: Cargo

Language: Rust

License: MIT

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RustyXML is a namespace aware XML parser written in Rust. Right now it provides a basic SAX-like API, and an ElementBuilder based on that.

The parser itself is derived from OFXMLParser as found in ObjFW

The current limitations are:

  • Incomplete error checking
  • Unstable API

This project tracks Rust's master branch.


Parse a string into an Element struct:

use xml::Element;
let elem: Option<Element> = "<a href='//'/>".parse();

Get events from parsing string data:

use xml::{Event, Parser};
// Create a new Parser
let mut p = Parser::new();
// Feed data to be parsed
p.feed_str("<a href");
// Get events for the fed data
for event in p {
 match event.unwrap() {
 Event::ElementStart(tag) => println!("<{}>",,
 Event::ElementEnd(tag) => println!("</{}>",,
 _ => ()

This should print:


Build Elements from Parser Events:

use xml::{Parser, ElementBuilder};
let mut p = xml::Parser::new();
let mut e = xml::ElementBuilder::new();
p.feed_str("<a href='//'/>");
for elem in p.filter_map(|x| e.handle_event(x)) {
 match elem {
 Ok(e) => println!("{}", e),
 Err(e) => println!("{}", e),


This project is MIT licensed. Please see the COPYING file for more information.

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